Eli Presents:            the "Joelizer"           website                     Template

Quick WEB ESSENTIALS To            Get YOU STARTED with      your JOEL modeled site NOW.
6 Core Easy To Watch Do It Yourself Videos that will get your "JoelBauer.com" modeled site online in under two hours GUARANTEED. Assets and Scripts Not Included. The site is based on my personal site structure, you will have a site that looks like mine BUT you will be able to make edits to make it YOURS.
#1: Getting Started

Duration: 5-10m                

Secure your domain name and web hosting. Then "connecting your domain and hosting" to get your website online.

#3: Thrive Content Builder(TCB)

Duration: 10m

Purchase Thrive Content Builder and Installing it on your Website. Click on this link (Affiliate) to get started: 


#5 Importing T.C.B Template

Duration: 10m

Download & import your ready made FREE template here: http://elishahong.com/copysite


Duration: 20m

Private Training for Perry where I provided full instructions starting from installing Wordpress and on how he could set this up himself in one video take.

#2: Cpanel & Wordpress

Duration: 10m

Login to your your Cpanel account & Installing Wordpress within minutes. Setting up basic Wordpress settings.

#4 Installing T.C.B

Duration: 5m

Installing Thrive Content Builder as a plugin on your website. Reveals basic features about the plugin and how to use it.

#6 Edit Site Template

Duration: 30 minutes > 

Insert your assets, videos and marketing copy on your website. Extra training on using T.C.B

Unannounced Bonuses!

I will be REVEALING how you can be optimizing your website with SEO plugins, Google Analytics and MORE. More free training will be added SOON.


I'm considering, potentially a done for you package at just $300 which means that I'll put together all your ASSETS and taking it online within a few days. But without being promotional, I will seek Joel's permission first. But if I were to do it for you, it will have to fulfill the following requirements:

You must have ALL your ASSETS e.g videos, web copy, description of yourself, event information, pictures and all of that READY before submitting a request. ​Only to be offered to STUDENTS of JOEL BAUER. No where else you will find offers like this as I charge thousands to build websites and this is just to cover my time and cost for doing this for you quickly, which I know you will LOVE.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Email elishahong@gmail.com with Email Title: DFY - I'm Interested!