Return / Refund Policy

All Sales Are Final

Due to the nature of work provided, this is a service based product where time is exchanged for money, e.g Consultative Work begins at the moment payment is made and exchange of knowledge and actual production of the products (1,2 and 3) has been initiated.

Refund requests will only be processed in the case of a dispute where service is NOT provided or failed to be delivered to the 'client' by project / due to extraordinary situations beyond the vendor "Simple Marketing Solutions" control. Extraordinary circumstances is defined by a life incident that requires the service provider/team member to be unable to deliver.

This policy is subject to an agreement between the vendor "Simple Marketing Solutions" and the "Client". ‚ÄčA 'client' is a customer who have paid for a service to the company "Simple Marketing Solutions" to perform marketing services / training whether in person or as a group on behalf of the client's business in the form of:

1. Website and Landing Page tools.

2. Facebook Advertising Campaign Management

3. Marketing Consultation / Training

In the event where a refund is requested, the company "Simple Marketing Solutions" may choose to pro-rate and deduct any cost, fees and man hours rendered to the client and refund the remaining balance only if there is proof that the client is truly dissatisfied with the level of service provided.

Client dissatisfaction is not "I didn't like this color or the margin of the website is 1px too far." or "I need money" so therefore claiming over such issues. Trivial matters are not refund-worthy, it is important that the client establishes the working relationship and expectations with the Vendor "Simple Marketing Solutions" before committing to purchase. A discretionary refund will be processed within a 30 day period upon submission of the request.

For refund requests, you can call 012-689-1395 or email for a response on your matter. 

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