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Hi, I'm Elisha Hong, you can call me "Eli" for short. I am a professional online marketer, speaker and consultant.  If you are NEW to the internet marketing world, I will be happy to reveal how you can use online marketing to your advantage. Here, I will reveal my 8 years of experience when it comes to online marketing, marketing automation and sales. Learning these skills will result in getting more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

It wasn't always like this for me, from a struggling university student trying to make ends meet to a full-fledged marketing coach and consultant, I've invested and received hardcore training from some of the top millionaires in the online marketing industry, spent 18 hour days, managing teams, hiring and real intensive hands on training for years which created results that has generated 6-7 figures both online and offline.

My goal is to reduce your learning curve, save more time through automation and systems and potentially earn an income through these skills that I'll transfer to you. These skills will prove to be recession proof and unlock a ton of possibilities ahead of you as it has for me.

​I am in constant practice with what I teach.What I'll be teaching here is NOT theory. It's all real, time tested and came from a lot of my personal hard work. ​To obtain and learn these marketing skills, all you need to do is to just make the first step.Take the red pill (learn the skills) or the blue pill (let things stay the way it has always been). The choice is yours.