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The Effective Way to Building a List of Qualified Leads!

Many businesses thrive on quality leads. This 3-day course is designed for business owners who are serious in building qualified leads and turning them into profitable sales. You'll learn the systems and tools that are most effective in the market to capture targeted leads. In this course, you will learn how to create a website with no technical skills required and a video to market your products or services to your audiences.

What You'll Discover in this 3-days Course:

  • Build a Website with Zero Technical Skills
    Learn how to build a working website with a system that only requires drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste. 
  • Write Appealing Marketing Message
    Learn how to customize your message to target your audiences and get them to engage you for business.
  • Automate Leads
    See how you can optimize your money, time, and effort when you implement tools that automate leads anytime, anywhere.
  • Generate Traffic 
    See how you can use each video you make to get traffic from multiple sources.

What Others Are Saying:

Joel Bauer Mentor

"This man (Eli) is a visionary.” He listens to me. He listens to my objectives. He is very sure of his ability to problem-solve. He found a solution and did it quickly and effectively. If he works with you and take on a project, you're gonna have someone who is relentless about getting it done."

Peng Joon Public Figure

“Eli has actually made me a ton of money..talking about millions of dollars working with Smobble. Eli is actually a person that I really hold deep within my heart. He really is a person that wants the best for people. That's why if you have the opportunity to work with him, you have to jump all over it.”

Melvyn Copywriter

“Eli possesses two skills. First, professionalism...he knows how to work on technical. Second, he has clarity of communication. He knows how to explain to you so, in the end of the day, you know what is going on, how to operate it, and you know that your business is in very safe hands. He gets my highest recommendation. Find him out.”