Wow it’s already March 15th

A quick note to say Happy Birthday Darling Evelyn. My wife’s birthday’s today and I’m so proud to have her. I so totally cherish you and love you a ton!

I haven’t posted much recently as life has been pretty much kept me busy.

Adios for now. I’m still alive and keeping well. I’ll write more another time when I get the chance!

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The most important video you’ll ever watch

17 year old boy with rare ageing disease with such a strong outlook in life…with all odds against him, he was able to live life to the fullest. My condolences to his family but thank you for much joy given to the world.

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Getting Back In The Game

I’ve always wanted to get back in the game…what game you may ask?

It’s a game of pushing myself to the limits.

Enter P90x3 – Starting tomorrow (a promise made to the world) It says 30 minutes a day. That is all it takes. Can I not find 30 minutes a day to work my body? Surely that’s possible. I’ll keep you posted.

To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to work-out as much as I’d like to in the last year but making some small changes in my habits on a daily basis, by doing some workouts, small workouts that take a few minutes have helped me feel stronger and feel a lot better overall.

Working out has been hard for me so I’ve decidedly and selectively worked out only the parts that I want to be stronger at such as push ups, sit ups, ab workouts, squats.

Working out in an isolated space works well very well for me. It doesn’t require a gym membership and it still burns calories.

But darn it..with all that said, my wife made some delicious brownies today which I happily ate with two scoops of ice cream. Bam! Guilty as charged.

Tonight, I’ll do forty pushups before I head for bed. My goal for the year is to get to 100 pushups at one go. I’m talking at one go, not just in a few minute reps.

For now I’m doing 40 pushups but not all at once, just in 4 reps of 10. Making it manageable. I’m currently 170 pounds, I’ve maintained this weight for a good two years now. Well it was 168 at one point but now the 2 pound increase is giving me a wake up call.

As like most people with new year’s resolutions, health is a great concern for me. I want to be stronger for my own sake and for my family. Stronger for good reasons. To live healthy and to cultivate some great habits to last a lifetime.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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Happy 2014!

The new year is here and what a privilege to live, breathe and start a fresh new slate. 2013 for me was mix and match of sweet,sour,bitter,salty and a mix of all at once.

I’ve tasted some extremely sweet moments, bitter sweet moments, happening at the same time, some salty and sweet moments, some sour moments but through it all, these flavorful experiences have helped me and shaped me for the person I will be in 2014.

I will be stronger, more fulfilled, purposeful, mentally stronger, physically able and more importantly, not taking life for granted.

This year, will be different for me. It will be a year of impact, knowing that every decision I make will compound and lead to something bigger, whether positive or negative.

So it would be important for me to live consciously and in the present.

Happy 2014 my friends.

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Happiness Is The New Productivity

Happiness is the new productivity. Great video to watch.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again. Thanksgiving. My favorite time of the year. One, mainly because of Black Friday sales. Two, a time to give thanks and celebrate with friends and family.

There are so many things that I am thankful for this year.

I’m thankful that I married my college sweetheart this year.

I’m thankful that despite so many challenges and tribulations that I had to endure and go through, I’m still alive and well.

I’m thankful to be alive. There were several occasions on the road when I almost had some near accidents. It was scary but then again, it’s good to be well.

I’m thankful for a great 2013. It’s the best year so far for me despite having more downs than ups.

2013 has been a busy year and I believe that I will be ending the year strong and I’m glad that I have been doing a lot of things that were fruitful and yielded results.

Thankful for a loving family, wife and friends.

What are you thankful for?

God Bless ya’ll!

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Apple Has Done It Again

A friend of mine was just telling me that Apple just gave away their latest operating system named Mavericks for free and I was just totally blown away. Looks like Apple has over-delivered once again.

I was just watching their latest Apple event and realized that every single speaker who presented on stage used the words “Amazing, Great, Better, More, Faster, Thinner, Lighter, Just Amazing, So Good” and more.

They believed in their product so much that they know, it’s just THAT good. If there’s one takeaway, I noticed that Apple has been at work, very hard at work at delivering only the best products to their customers. These are some of the lessons that I’ve learned from observing them over the past 7 years.

Lesson #1: Deliver Amazing Products – Every time, consistently, over and over again.

In 2007, I received a Mac Book Pro by helping a restaurant owner create their menu and their logo concept. I am by no means a trained designer but I had the skills to negotiate and receive payments in the form of tools. That was a pretty sweet trade. I used the Mac Book Pro to create their overall menu concept and a logo that would then help the business be a memorable one.

Even in 2007, the Mac Book Pro was really amazing for its time. Apple was consistent with their quality, design and hardware and they only continued to create better products. I’m amazed at how fast they work, how hard they worked and deliver. They have a solid team of engineers that hustle and probably work like no-tomorrow to meet the kinds of demands Apple demands – Perfection.

Lesson #2: Pre-launch in a Launch with a Shipping Date – On Time.

They were creating some buzz about the latest “Pro” Mac Pro that’s designed by California and proudly made in the USA. It looks like some space-age device. It’s no surprise because Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino will look something like a large spaceship. What’s important to note was that, they knew when they were shipping and they will ship on time. It takes a lot of discipline and whipping to get rolling like the way Apple rolls out their products. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Lesson #3: Keep presentations simple and to the point.

Apple keynote speakers do not waste words on stage. The process goes something like this: Open the stage with some previous results, report current results, display new features, compare and contrast previous features, intentionally show new benefits, show video, demo new features,inject some lame(Microsoft) humor when possible, pass it on to the next speaker. Concise, clear and well communicated. Looks like the K.I.S.S rule comes it. Keep it short and simple or some say keep it short stupid.

Now the real reason why I’m writing this blog post is to actually say that I’m disappointed that OSX Mavericks doesn’t work on my Mac Book Pro 2,1. It’s from 2007 but it doesn’t have what it takes to run Mavericks. Booo. LOL. I was so excited for no apparent reason. But on a side note, OS 7 for my iPad looks great. Love the new theme.

Back to Clash of Clans. Great game, you should download it. Also check out “The Silent Age”, pretty cool game as well.


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You Are Great

My Favorite Short Film

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Google Hangouts and Linchpin by Seth Godin

I’m embarrassed to mention that I have not used Google Hangouts as much as I wanted to and realized how cool Google Hangouts are. Just had a short mastermind(Google Hangout) meeting with Brian Owens and Paul Wegrzyn from Freedom Fast Lane, where we’ve been coaches to many internet marketing newbies for almost 8-9 months. Masterminding with Brian and Paul has been amazing and humbling because they are like tribe leaders in their own field of internet expertise. Brian is really a sharp marketer. He’s able to distinguish trends and pry open traffic opportunities and Paul is a SEO expert. Both are extremely down to earth and fun to be with.

I’m also currently reading Linchpin by Seth Godin. It’s a book that basically describes that you shouldn’t be a cog in a wheel. Extract creativity, create, create, create and add value to the world as compared to just being part of a cog in a big machine. We have to be more than functional machines, we have to believe in our art and promote our art as much as possible.

The question is, have I been contributing to the masses as much as I should have and when will I challenge myself to go beyond just one-on-one consulting to one-to-many consulting. I’d love to grow in this area of sharing, communicating and building rapport with a group of people who will resonate together with my message and inspire others to grow and be amazing as well.

I have a confession. My confession is that, I’m really shy. Seth Godin says that this is my “lizard brain” the fight or flight mechanism that was useful for us when we were cavemen. The survival brain. Fear. Fear of death. I realized that my lizard brain needs to go. It needs to find a place elsewhere because it is creating a barrier for me.

Seth said that the lizard brain also hates public speaking. The lizard brain creates resistance in my mind. There’s no need to fear this resistance. In fact, there’s no point fearing for my life to say the least. But right as I’m posting this blog post, I’m back spacing sentences thinking that what if someone reads this and think that this blog post was crap and everyone would laugh at me for trying? That’s the inner voice of my lizard brain.

WHO CARES? Seth puts it that if I cared and allowed such “voices” to enter my mind and diminishes my potential, then that would have been really bad. In fact he mentioned that many times, he had ideas that were just sweeping thoughts. Thoughts that just occurred and would in a second be a forgotten idea, lost in translation via our brain. If he didn’t capture those thoughts and put it down on some piece of paper and organized it, then he would have lost an opportunity to spread his “art”, his “creation” to the world which could potentially change lives.

I have another confession to make. I am a people pleaser. I hate saying no and I hate to disappoint. I’m great at customer support, I love people and in fact go along well with most people. But Seth puts it in a way that caught my attention. I can’t please everyone. I know this very well but something inside me says that this is my strength. It’s known as Acts of Service. I love serving. But one thing I can tweak and I’m learning this very rapidly, that is to be able to decline, say NO and be a semi-jerk. That really helps with peace of mind sometimes. It’s time to step up. I know friends who read this would say that I’m just great the way I already am and as a Christian, I know that Jesus has already accepted me for who I am. But I know that the Lord will use me for greater things.

At the end of this month of October, I will be turning 26. It’s time to get serious. It’s time to conquer and divide again. It’s time to grow some gold balls and brave through some uncharted terrain. I’m constantly making myself uncomfortable. Everyday.

This year, I’ve made myself uncomfortable at all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I’m working on the spiritual part. I’m getting there.

Physically, I could barely push 7 push ups. But now I do 20, easily. I could barely do a chin up or even a pull up. Now, I can do it with effort and I’m pretty proud to be able to accomplish that given that I’ve been pretty much a sit-on-my-chair-for-6-hours-straight-kind-of-guy.

Mentally, I’ve stretched myself by putting myself in front of a group of people and accepting that public speaking is a great way to grow. I love teaching, not as a teacher but as in sharing my thoughts and ideas that can help people. I’ve also closed a bunch of sales, amounting to almost $20,000 USD by calling leads in a time span of two weeks. Calling leads, now that’s scary for me. I’ve sold many products online but calling, that was a different strategy altogether. I would have listened to my lizard brain and avoided calling but I mustered strength and read as many books as I could on closing sales and being an effective communicator on the phone. I’m pretty proud that I was able to accomplish that. Disclaimer, I didn’t pocket the $20k. Someone else did. I accepted an impossible challenge which my lizard brain said, run. RUN as fast as you can. But my personal self said, I will embrace this change and take up the challenge and learn the necessary skills to perform and gain results.

Emotionally. I married my long time girlfriend of 6 years. We were in  a long distance relationship for just as long as we dated. To get to where I am today, it was nothing short of difficult. Buckets of tears, several heartbroken moments, many laughters and memorable memories later, I’m having the blast of my life, loving my wife and bonding with her after being apart for so long. It’s been almost 18 months since I left the USA for Malaysia and I’ve not regretted it. Being stretched in a relationship where most people would have given up in their first or second year, I’ve taken it a few years later and now, I’m thinking to author a book with my wife on how we did it and how we can help other people do it as well. The thing is this stretch of time while being in a long distance relationship is not for everyone. But we have been very fortunate to have had supportive friends and family. Then again, we had our share of naysayers and onlookers who were watching us while we were in the frontlines of the long distance relationship.

Spiritually. My dad, he is a preacher. A pastor. My mentor. A constant reminder to me that reading my Bible, praying and seeking the Lord in all that I do. My dad is almost always concerned about my journey with Jesus. There’s a good reason for that. Walking with Jesus is a consistent effort. It’s an on-going journey. It’s a habit to be developed, a lifestyle and a form of discipline. It’s a relationship with Jesus.

And now, with all that said and done. I think I’m done here for now. Talk soon!


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