Spoke at Sunway University

It was Thursday when I had the opportunity to speak in front of final year Finance, Business and Marketing students at Sunway University on the topic of “pitching”. The topic: “How To Pitch to Venture Capitalist?” Coming from my early years of starting an online business and corporate business experience, this topic is near and dear to my heart and I’ve had some success in this area.

I’ll share in more detail at another time.

It gives me much joy that I was able to make a difference and inspire young business students who will one day start a business or be involved in any form of business.

There were a few students who lingered after the end of my presentation to ask questions and it’s really awesome to be able to help stir their minds on the possibilities of the internet and the magnificent opportunity that is ahead of them if they took action. These students will be the future of Malaysia in the world of business and you’ll never know what their contributions be.

Of WordPress Glitches and Fiverr

Well, I haven’t had the chance to blog for about a few days now as things were very busy and Joel Bauer was in town! When the guru of the gurus is in town, one might be wise to listen and learn. As usual he is a true master when it comes to teaching how to speak and he’s quite the entertainer. I’ll post a video of him doing an amazing card trick when I get the chance. Anyways, side stepping to the heart of the matter now…

To my dismay, my blog was suspended by my host and a malware warning was issued. This isn’t my first encounter with malware and it’s no surprise to me. I’ve fixed and solved many different malware / hacking issues before so I’m not all too worried about what happened to my site. However, it’s certainly inconvenient to have to lodge an unsuspension request and then log in to WordPress and get things fixed.

Mainly the issue that caused my problem was due to a folder which I installed WordPress on elishahong.com and many or several of the plugins/themes are somewhat outdated and therefore were vulnerable. I had to first delete the old wordpress folder and then restore my site to former glory by making sure that everything is updated. What really ticked me was the fact that I’ve already taken precautionary measures but yet again, such things happen. If this was a money site, I would have lost 2-3 days of revenue for the downtime.

There are many paid services out there which allows for website defacement monitoring and as WordPress is such a vulnerable platform, that service might be useful for anyone running a high traffic website. But I think the best option would be to have your site hosted on a WordPress specialized host such as WPEngine.com and or TrafficPlanetHosting.com which will protect your site from automated malware shenanigans. Also, backing up your site is important and a good plugin for that would be WordPress Duplicator, WP Clone and VaultPress. All of which are important tools for disaster prevention.

Speaking of duplication, on another tangent…I embarked on a test project not too long ago last year specifically on Fiverr(Site where you can pay anyone to do anything for $5) and just from one market alone in the WordPress Duplication niche, I was able to get to a level 2 seller rather quickly and also made a cool $2000 all completely part time during my stint as “Fiverr-lancer”. It was just an experiment and mainly to broaden my skill sets and exposure to numerous types of web hosting and WordPress duplication techniques and it was nice being able to get paid for it. I’ve since retired on Fiverr as I realized that mini-jobs doesn’t fit me very well and that it was just a fun little experiment. I must say though that I’ve met a few interesting customers around the world and a few had offered me amazing deals such as putting my ads for free on their high traffic website and even mailing a book to my home all the way from Australia.

I’ve also met a few Warriors from the Warrior forum who gave me some bigger gigs and sent clients my way as I was performing well for them. In some sense, it was a rich experience. Will I do it again? Probably not. The people who shop on Fiverr are trying to get the cheapest work they can find and high quality work is equally expected. Since I rarely disappoint, I’ve had people who were willing to pay me 10-40x the amount of a basic $5 gig. That would be around $50-$200 or so. I still have many repeat customers but I’ve had to turn them down as well. There are so many people with similar skills and the way I differentiated myself was by providing value added services such as a free-tune up for their WordPress and a guide to transferring their site.

But for anyone who are looking to free up their time and run a bootstrapped business, Fiverr would be the place to go and get some talent. You’ll have to shop for a bit and find the right vendor who can do a good job. For anyone looking for part-time income, create a gig and make some money. That’s definitely possible!

On a personal note, I burned my thumb while heating up some food today and while washing the dishes, my plates broke and cut my wrist. I’m okay though! As a husband, I’ve got to take care of food and wash the dishes..oh the joy! not to mention..throwing out the trash. That’s mandatory for sure. Life is good. Life is good.

Accepted at Thrive Themes

Since I’ve been posting a little bit more about Thrive Themes, I decided to sign up for their affiliate program and check it out. It’s always good practice to sign up to be an affiliate for any company that you’re reviewing.

Getting approved was smooth. Within 12-24 hours of submitting an application, I have been approved as a Thrive Themes affiliate. Initially after my account approval, I was not able to log in to the affiliate dashboard but fortunately they fixed it.

thrive themes affiliate

This is how it looks like inside the affiliate dashboard:

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.30.41 AM

They have a low minimum affiliate payout, at about $20 and a 30 day waiting period. Pretty good if you want to withdraw commissions quickly. Pretty standard backend for an affiliate program.

Just a quick note for anyone applying to any affiliate program that requires pre-approval. It would be good to have these in handy in advance:

1. A .com domain name.

2. An existing website with some reviews on it.

3. Be honest about the method of promotion.

4. Get a Paypal account set up so that you can receive payments.

Getting approved on any affiliate program is usually the easiest part. Usually being an active affiliate takes requires work and persistence.


Shane Melaugh IM Impact & Thrive Themes Review

shanemelaughThis is an unpaid and quick review on Shane Melaugh, a practical, sharp and methodological  Internet Marketer whom I’ve followed on and off and he never fails to be one of my favorite go-to site when it comes to incorporating technology and marketing together. Shane is definitely a sharp guy when it comes to teaching sound online marketing principles in the area of site design, website conversions, lead conversions and making it easy for users to use technology to market their solutions.

More recently, he’s really put a dent into the world of WordPress themes(At least in the Internet Marketing Space) by launching Thrive Themes and he has a development team focused on building conversion centered themes and plugins. I think he’s building a remarkable product that will help online marketers with their online marketing efforts. So as an early adopter, I recently purchased Thrive Themes and the good news is that the themes and plugins have been receiving frequent updates. Another plus point there. Most plugin or theme launches in the IM Space tend to be rarely updated. So this is a promising theme.

Shane also launched a lead generation competition($500 Amazon Gift Card + Personal Coaching + Backlink to your site) for anyone who’s using his new lead generation plugin known as “Thrive Leads”. Now, that’s a deal of a lifetime. I’ve got to get my creative juices going and get a piece of that gift card. Learn more here: http://thrivethemes.com/members/content/accelerate-your-list/

Anyways, ElishaHong.com is powered by Thrive Themes and all the good plugins that comes with it and so far, I’m a happy camper. I’m not so much a programmer or a CSS guy and I’d rather spend my time in using technology to advance in my goals online. My site has some Themify elements as well. I’ll save Themify themes for another time. Let’s just say that 2015 is the year of even more awesome drag and drop WordPress themes powered by Bootstrap and more amazing web technology that’s going to make life so much more easier online.

Ok, enough talk. Let me just summarize Shane Melaugh and the things that I like about him:

1. He’s extremely practical. He’ll tell you what it is, how it is and what works. No fluff and no agony there. It’s a pain to go through long winded marketers who’s mostly fluff and bluff sometimes.

2. He’s performance based. It’s no wonder that he’s taken himself to the next level and with a team as well. He’s all about numbers, conversions and making sure that he’s split testing and that stuff works. If it works, he’ll report it and implement and more importantly, share it with his subscribers.

3. He’s an action taker and implements much of his work. Shane is able to distill, organize and makes marketing with the use of technology sensible and useful for his users. An example would be showing that a lead generation box would require an attention grabbing headline, a clear call to action and not just a submit button BUT a button that solicits a stronger response such as “Get it Now” as an example. Unlike many other hosted tutorials out there, many marketers would say, “With this amazing push button tool, you’ll be able to create a squeeze page in an instant, so let’s Lorem Ipsum in all of the fields…and tadaaa that’s a squeeze page.” No, not with Shane. He’s clear and he doesn’t waste time explaining and he gets right to the usefulness of using proper marketing copy and technology at the same time.

4. Great support. He has a team that responds to tickets promptly. So that’s good.

5. Good and useful articles on his ImImpact.com website. You’ll learn a ton. One of my favorites would be his video marketing posts, the tools that he use to create valuable and high quality videos. I’m a fan of online video creation and he’s able to show you how it’s done. Really useful stuff. Do a search on his search bar to search for articles and subscribe. It’s worth it.

Overall, good marketer. Full of tips, tricks and useful content. 5 Star Rating. Thrive Themes is worth the buy as well. Check it out.

50% Off Camtasia Mac Thanks Appsumo & Diane Hochman

appsumo-camtasia-50-percent-offReceived an email from Diane Hochman(a home business leader that I look up to recently) that Appsumo was running a deal on Camtasia for mac. Appsumo really hustled and hassled Tech Smith on this one. What a juicy and RARE discount as mac software doesn’t get discounted very often, even if it does, it usually hovers around 10%. So I decided to whip this deal up in a heartbeat. I use both the mac and the pc as I’m a technology geek, knowing both platforms allow me to help people in both platforms and so far I have been able to help many people solve their problems just because of the ability to understand both platforms. Now, I’ll be able to create videos on my mac as well with Camtasia. Pretty excited about that. Deal runs out in 7 days, meaning on the 11th of March. If you landed on this page on a later date, you might want to check if Appsumo runs the deal again. Sometimes you might get lucky. Go ahead to Appsumo.com and check the deal out.

By the way on a side note, love this quote:

If you want to be a teacher, learn all you can.
If you want to be an entrepreneur, do all you can.

Thank you Momofuku Ando

Momofuku Ando Google DoodleJust about 7 years ago, there was a difficult time when I ate cup noodles almost on a daily basis because it was the cheapest food available to me and it was one of the ways to survive during the course of my university education days in the USA. Thankfully those years have passed and I still enjoy cup noodles till this day. So seeing this on the Google Doodle today inspired me to write this post. It’s also inspiring to note that he was a late bloomer in business and it goes to show that it is never too late or too old for anyone to start a business and succeed. While Ando came from a well to do family, he too had his share of failures but his creativity and desire to solve a big problem – feeding people in the time when there was so much hunger in his war-time era, propelled him to be the father of cup noodles. Thank you Momofuku Ando for inventing cup noodles!


Remove Related Videos In Your YouTube iFrame Embed Code

If you care about stick and bounce rates on your site and especially if you embed YouTube videos on your site, you might want to add this little nifty code:
?rel=0 to your YouTube embed code. Why? It will disable related videos from showing at the very end of the play head of your video.

All you need to do is add this code after your YouTube video ID in this manner:

<iframe width="960" height="500" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/RanD0mYTID?rel=0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"></iframe>

Coming From The Heart

heartAs the month of February comes to a close, I’ve had some interesting interactions with friends and I’m reminded of how important when speaking, talking or interacting with people, that being genuine and saying everything that comes from the heart is so important. It keeps people’s attention and immediately people connect with you. So today I’m declaring that I will continue to speak from the heart with sincerity and help as many people as possible.

Speaking of heart, February was the month of so much love and more so my wedding anniversary on the 23rd of February (2 Years of Marriage!!). I had a fabulous Japanese dinner with my wife along with my lovely baby daughter on Saturday evening, postponed as we were so busy during the weekdays. I just want to give a shout out to Evelyn my wife for being such a supportive wife and a huge pillar of my life. Thank you for being the awesome iron lady that you are. If you’re reading this – I love you!

Phew! On another note, two months into the year 2015. It’s time to ramp things up and make some impact. Delivering massive VALUE. That would be my goal and I will be delivering value and meeting more people this year.

I want to make it a point to post more positive and helpful posts here and provide insights in the many years of my experience in the internet marketing world.

It’s so promising to know that I have friends who refer their friends to me because they know that I can help in the world of internet marketing. The truth is, internet marketing is booming more than ever and in the year 2015, it’s going to be even bigger. If you’re not on the internet marketing bandwagon yet, this is your time to jump and make it happen. You have a message. Share it with the world!!

Mindset Quote:

Overthinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists it around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is.

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