Clickbank Asia Malaysia – 2015 First Time in Malaysia

For the first time ever, Clickbank hosted their very first event in Malaysia and I was super stoked to be able to be part of this event that happened over the weekend on the 18th of July 2015 at the Shangri-la Hotel KL.

But I must say that this event was only possible because Patric Chan put Malaysia on the map. I suspect that this is the case since he became one of the top winners for the Clickbank University launch this year and was able to bridge the Malaysia and Clickbank gap. Thank you Patric! His team was also there to support the event, so that’s awesome.

I wasn’t able to take many pictures but I made sure I took some selfies with some local prominent marketers namely Patric Chan, Edmund Loh, Gerald Soh(Patric Chan’s student, up and coming marketer)  and one of the Clickbank reps, Josh Valencia who shared some detailed insights on marketing via online. He pulled through despite having a flu.

There were many other “hidden” marketers who are probably doing very well online but are just keeping a low profile and I’ve heard a few names and during the speed networking session, I noticed that there were some experienced business owners and very agile marketers who are making moves online in their own way. Pity that I didn’t get to meet them all due to time constraints and the event was just a one day event. Wish it was a tad bit longer!

All in all, great event and I did take some notes and will share them another time. Got to go care for my baby girl as she’s having a fever.

Saw that Gerald created a recap:

Credit to Gerald Soh

Clickbank Asia Malaysia 2015
clickbank asia 2015

Elisha Hong & Gerald Soh

Elisha Hong & Josh Valencia

Elisha Hong & Patric Chan

Elisha Hong & Edmund Loh

Inspired By Kyle Maynard

May 31, 2015

As I bring the month of May 2015 to a close on my blog… I’ve always made it a point in my life that my mission is in helping people. BUT there are times when even in my nicest of intentions, some people just don’t appreciate or get it. The feeling seems to be as though I’m throwing pearls to pigs. Nevertheless, I’ve come to realize that not everyone will be receptive to my help no matter how good it is. So, today, I stumbled upon Kyle Maynard’s story and realized that he’s truly a man who doesn’t let his disabilities stop him from achieving big goals and dreams. He has a powerful WHY and that is what drives him.

On his biography page, Kyle wears this shirt that says “No Excuses”. In my coaching business, when I coach people, I’ve come to meet several types of people. Very few have the mindset of adopting a “no excuses” attitude. Throughout my initial adult years, I’ve been trained to solve problems and create solutions. If there is a problem, I find angles to fix it. Even if I can’t fix it, I’ll find a way to replace it. Even if I had a bad experience in life, I’ll climb and break barriers. I do not live as a victim. But most people that I’ve coached struggle with this.

The saying goes, once bitten, twice shy. For me, once bitten, yes I’d avoid the potential pitfalls of the problem faced but I will NOT give in and give UP my personal power and go into my turtle shell mode. I will press forward, move forward and do everything I can to make things work. If something doesn’t work, try another method. If your mentor sucks, don’t blame your mentor. If the course sucks, don’t blame the course. If the training sucks, don’t blame the trainer. Stop the blame game. Get over it and find solutions! Go find a way, don’t DWELL or you will SWELL in your world of self-pity.

The next half of the year 2015 approaches, it’s time to step up and ramp things up. I’ve decided to be healthier and my body is getting a lot better than a year ago after my slipped disc bout. I’m heading back to the gym, getting my life back in activity and reduce my sedentary lifestyle. In the past month, I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing people whom I would consider my mentors and also experts in health who have exposed their lifestyle habits and solutions to me which have increased my quality of life. I will reveal more as the next half of the year pan out. Exciting things are to come and I can’t wait to share it all.

My little girl is a fighter

My baby girl is a fighter. She was born a week premature and had to be in the ICU for about 12 hours before she was stabilised and was able to breath normally. After taking her back from the hospital to home, I had to send her back again to get some blue light to treat her jaundice and she had to be under double blue light for 48 hours. It was a crazy situation and it all began just two weeks before my wife gave birth. She had some severe back pain(to the point of tears) and the pain was so bad that she had to be admitted to the hospital.

It was that night when I frantically called for help and the worst part was there wasn’t a single ambulance nearby that could be dispatched. Eventually I had to send her to the hospital on my own, carrying my poor pregnant wife carefully down the stairs and each step brought more tears. It was scary and I did my best to be calm and composed in the craziness of things. While in the hospital, we received news that my baby was in bridge position which meant that my wife had to undergo C-Section and not natural birth. It had to be scheduled way ahead of time as well.

Many months later, a year later…today my baby daughter is strong, a ball of energy and she taught me so much. On her own, the moment she learned how to turn over, crawl and walk, every step of the way she was determined and she never gave up even if she fell. The moment she was able to hold her own biscuit, hold a spoon, she learned how to feed herself all on her own. I’m blown away by her growth and development. I then taught her how to get down from our bed(she sleeps with us now as she doesn’t really like the baby cot) on her own because when she fell head on on the floor once, I cried because I wasn’t quick enough to catch her from falling. She learned how to get down from the bed very quickly and ever since she’s yet to have a fall and it gives me peace of mind.

I’ve overly underestimated babies and their intelligence. My baby girl is able to navigate through my iPad with ease, with her favourite app being YouTube, she learned her ABCs, nursery rhymes and so much more on YouTube.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my baby girl, it’s her natural ability to not give up, getting up when she falls and smiling in the face of adversity. She picks herself up and move forward and continues to inspire me.

I’ve come to experience that children are a gift from God and they are so remarkable. I’m thankful that I’m able to experience this first hand and extremely grateful to have the experience of being a parent.

Power of Goal Setting

April 21, 2015

Whether you’re a believer in goal setting or not, Jack Canfield offers simple steps and advice on how you can move forward in this area. It’s as simple as:

1. Deciding what you want.

2. Take control of your thoughts.

3. Visualize what you want.

4. Make a plan.

5. Take action!

While these steps are simple, it doesn’t mean that they are easy to do. Most people don’t even get started at number 1.

The richest place in the world is 6ft under

April 19, 2015

I read somewhere that the richest place in the world is not the bank but the graveyard. It’s where potential is left 6 feet under and unrealized dreams, ideas, abilities, talents are lost forever.

Looking at accomplished actors, artists, businessmen who have left the world but left an impact in the world, who are legends in their own right but are no longer with us…they in their lifetime, left a legacy of proof that they produced the most results, happiness, content to the world. Just think of the people in their own field of speciality. Take Michael Jackson, Robin Williams and Steve Jobs for example. These great legends inspire people in a huge way bringing music, humor, gadgets that change lives in a massive way. Each of which had their share of ups and downs but regardless, they were producers that added value to life.

Like this story elegantly puts it:

“Imagine on your deathbed, standing around you are the ghost of your dreams, the ideas, the abilities, the talents GIVEN to you by life and that YOU for whatever REASON, you never WENT after that dream, you never ACTED on those ideas,you never USED those talents, you never USED those gifts, there they are standing around you on your bed, looking at you with large angry eyes saying WE came to YOU only YOU could have given us LIFE and now we must DIE with you FOREVER…”

It’s time to achieve and live life to the fullest. Every single day counts, every single day matters.

Studies show that it takes 5 years for a bamboo tree to grow to its fullest height.

But it requires consistent daily cultivation, watering, fertilizer and pest control to get it to where it needs to be, a strong and thriving bamboo tree at the 5th year. 

It’s the daily actions that matter. I learned this from Brendon Burchard, author of the Millionaire Messenger. He states that a huge part of succeeding in life is in the area of knowing your mission. Once you know that, all you need to do is master your mind and craft your life the way you want it to be. But it will take work, cultivation and discipline. There are no shortcuts, you’ve got to learn how to say no to distractions and push forward towards completing your life goals with absolute clarity and focus.

The only way to do this is to focus on what’s most important. Doing one thing at a time.  Coming from the age of digital A.D.D, I’ve been constantly flooded with  information overload, overloaded opportunities and trying to do everything at one go. This in turn becomes my very own enemy.

Doing one thing at a time, everyday will eventually lead to mastery in skill. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s in taking time to master one skill, doing it well.

Speaking of skills, I happened to watch Asia’s Got Talent on Astro recently and one of the most moving scene that caught my eye was this 12 year old Thai girl who played the ukulele and within 2 years she had complete mastery of the instrument, which one of the judges said was a “toy”. I wish I could find the clip and post it here but when she strummed the ukulele, everyone was moved. It was amazing. Her father was in tears and everyone was in tears. Including me. Even a “toy” can be mastered.

With that said, what would be a skill, talent, dream and goals that you would like to achieve and not have it buried 6ft under and show it to the world? It takes courage to do so but courage comes from faith and believing in yourself.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…

Capture Full Site Screenshot with this Chrome Plugin

April 18, 2015

I recently discovered this tool and it has been an awesome tool especially when it comes to saving websites as an image. It trumps Jing (another screenshot tool) especially when the website is longer than a single page. Great for researching websites and modeling websites that are interesting. It’s fairly straightforward. Click the image below to add this plugin to your Chrome browser.

Full screenshot chrome plugin

Making Your Site Responsive With WordPress Jetpack

April 13, 2015

If your WordPress Website is still not responsive, you will need to do so because Google will be factoring mobile responsiveness to their search engines. Anyways, it’s definitely good to have as most people are surfing the web on their smartphones and you’ll definitely want it to be in an easy to consume format.

Fortunately wordpress Jetpack saves the day with their mobile theme function.

These are the instructions:

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:


Step 5:


Step 6:


Step 7:


Amazing Posts by Shaqir Hussyin

I discovered Shaqir late 2013 during the Empower Network hype and there’s one thing that I know about him is that he’s a hustler and producer. Building a home business in the Internet Marketing, Network marketing industry can be really challenging and in most cases, extremely competitive but he found his own edge and point of differentiation. At a young age of 26, he’s definitely made an impact. There are just numerous internet marketers at this age range, including the founder of MOBE.

But I can definitely relate to his experience as I’ve worked with several multi-millionaire entrepreneurs in the home business industry and have definitely seem some ins and outs of the industry over the past 7 years of my online marketing experience.

You can read more at his blog, really worth the gold:

April and What’s Ahead

April 4, 2015

Wow, it’s already the beginning of April and my goodness, it’s a busy month. I’m involved in an upcoming online product launch that will help a lot of people learn how to close online. I’ll be sure to let you in on the product once it’s launched.

It’s been awhile since I’ve run some paid traffic campaigns and built a list for myself (though I’ve been doing it for other businesses with a lot of success), so I’ll be getting in the game again. While I’m doing that, I’ll be sure to post updates and let you know how that goes. It’ll be me starting from scratch all over again and getting conversions and so on.

There will be full transparency and you’ll be able to see my progress and what happens behind the scenes. I may not reveal the offer to protect the niche that I’m in but in any case, I’ll be posting screenshots where relevant so that you can follow my journey.

I’ll have to come up with a plan here and then post the journey ahead.

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